Monthly Pricing

uConnected is available in several monthly pricing tiers, each with different features and call allocations. Explore them right here.

How much does it cost me to receive calls on my uConnected phone number?

Each plan includes an allowance of inbound minutes, so it doesn’t cost anything to receive calls under that allowance each month. We’ll send you usage notifications as you move through your allowance.

How much does it cost people to call me on my uConnected phone number?

uConnected does not charge people to call your uConnected phone number, so when someone calls you they just pay their normal call rate for the landline you’ve chosen. Their provider gets to set that rate so it’s impossible to know for sure how much they’ll be charged. Most providers offer a flat rate charge to all Australian landlines but some providers vary. It’s sometimes possible to lower the amount callers are charged by swapping to a landline number that’s closer to their location. It’s easy for members to do this from their Dashboard, learn how right here.

You can forward calls to any Aussie mobile or landline that’s located in Australia, and can effortlessly change where the call is forwarded within your Dashboard.

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