If you’re having an extra busy month and would like to increase your allowance of minutes, you can change plans in the Dashboard. Plan upgrades happen instantly. If you’d like to move down a plan (to decrease your allocation of minutes) you can also do this via the Dashboard, though the change will be effective from the start of your next billing cycle.

When you move up a plan only the difference in cost between your current plan to your new plan is payable.

This means if you’re moving from the $49 plan to the $79 plan, only $30 will be charged to your default payment method. Then, on your next monthly anniversary date, you’ll remain on the $79 plan until you next make a revision. When you make a payment online you’ll immediately receive a tax invoice via email. A history of all invoices is also available on the Plan & Payment page.

To change your plan:

  1. Log into your uConnected Dashboard
  2. Click Plan & Payment within the left menu
  3. Select the plan you’d like to move to from the list shown

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