uConnected allows you to choose a new phone number and then, when people call it, the call will be forwarded to your mobile phone. You can set when your uConnected phone number works (most people choose 24/7) and which phone(s) calls get forwarded to. It enables you to provide a single 1300, 1800 or landline phone number to people which gets forwarded to wherever you want it to!

This means you can:

  • Schedule when people can call you
  • Direct people to our ‘Voicemail to Email’ service
  • Balance your personal life with customer requirements
  • Ensure customers do not know or dial your mobile number directly

All the while carrying only your personal mobile phone. Stay tuned for the uConnected mobile app which will allow outbound calling that presents as your landline number!

uConnected’s Dashboard feature-set is unrivalled and allows full control over who can call you, when and where their calls are delivered, the after-hours greeting they hear, as well as included access to Holiday Mode that, with just a click, sends all incoming calls directly to voicemail. Giving you the power to manage every element of your communications needs from one place.

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