Recording Calls

uConnected offers several recharge options that include the ability to record both inbound and outbound calls. These recordings can be conveniently accessed and listened to via the mobile app or through the Dashboard on your web browser.

Enabling or Disabling Call Recoding

This feature is available exclusively with supported recharge options

  1. Log into your uConnected Dashboard
  2. Click Details within the left menu
  3. Look for the toggle labelled “Call Recording” on the right side, or towards the bottom if you are using a mobile

Important Information

  • Legal Compliance: It’s important to know that call recording laws vary depending on where you are. You might need to inform your callers that their conversation will be recorded. Make sure you’re familiar with and follow the legal requirements in your area. To assist with this, you can use the Welcome Greeting feature for inbound calls to notify callers about the recording.
  • Accessing Call Recordings: Your call recordings can be accessed and downloaded from your Dashboard or mobile app, but please note they are only available for 60 days. If you need to keep a recording for longer, ensure you download it within this time frame. Recording files generally become available within 10 minutes of the call ending.
  • Availability of this Feature: Call recording is included with selected recharge options and is a newly introduced feature. While we are committed to providing this feature, please be aware that there may be technical limitations that prevent recording, and that only calls that are bridged for longer than 20s can be recorded. We appreciate your understanding as we strive to offer the best service possible.

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