uConnected provides a special voicemail service that, when you’re not available, will take the messages and email them to you. If you’re not receiving your voicemails as expected, it may be due to internal configuration within your email provider.

A. Log into your uConnected Dashboard 
  1. Look at your Account Details Page in the Advanced Settings to see if you’ve enabled your callers to leave a message after your voicemail message is played.
  2. Browse through your Call History Page to see if there are voicemails sent shown on the status of your relevant call record/s.
B. Check your email.
  1. Look at your Spam or Junk folder. Email providers such as Microsoft Outlook are always in the process of improving their Spam filtering system for better service.
  2. Raise the concern with your email administrators who may be able to help you out.
C. If the details above show a voicemail was sent but you did not receive it, please don’t hesitate to get in touch so the team can look into this further for you.


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