All services provide the ability to set when calls to your uConnected phone number will be forwarded to you. It’s possible to schedule each day of the week independently, multiple availability windows in a single day, and to pause calls entirely. When calls are paused all incoming calls will go directly to uConnected voicemail. Messages left on uConnected voicemail are attached to an email and are sent to you, such calls do not count towards your usage.

To manage call scheduling:

  1. Log into your uConnected Dashboard
  2. Click Scheduling within the left menu

To pause or stop calls entirely:

  1. Log into your uConnected Dashboard
  2. Click the toggle switch located on the Pause Calls card, visible on the right side
Choose whether to automatically send all calls directly to voicemail regardless of the set schedule.

When using Advanced scheduling:

If you’re using the Advanced scheduling mode then a selection of new fields become available on the Scheduling page. These invite you to set multiple availability windows each day and to optionally have calls forwarded to a different phone for each schedule. When enabled, the Scheduling page looks like this:


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