A new selection of prepaid plans has just launched

NOTE: This article relates only to long standing members who are on a legacy plan. Our team will direct you here when that’s the case.

Earlier this year several new plans launched that brought even better value to new uConnected members. The plans were also offered to existing members, however the process to swap to these new plans was not obvious and some members have been missing out. In 2024 this changes!

Our new plans are prepaid and simply automatically top up as you go. Extra usage costs no longer apply! There’s also a new payment experience, streamlined usage alerts, push notifications and more app features. All of this is possible thanks to a new platform backend that’s packed with features!

Please locate your current payment amount on the table below, then review the old and new amount of minutes. Landline plans include more minutes, otherwise the allowance is the same. But all new plans get the updated features! From February 2024, all legacy plans will transition to their corresponding new plans. This will bring the improved value to all members.

Name Cost Old Minutes New Minutes Information Summary
Landline Basic $29 300 400 PDF
Landline Standard $49 600 800 PDF
Landline Complete $79 1200 1500 PDF
Landline Unlimited $149 Unlimited* Unlimited* PDF
1300 Basic $69 600 600 PDF
1300 Standard $99 1000 1000 PDF
1300 Complete $129 1400 1400 PDF
1800 Basic $79 600 600 PDF
1800 Standard $109 1000 1000 PDF
1800 Complete $139 1400 1400 PDF

*Subject to the Fair Use policy

Important info

  • New plans auto top up with your selected recharge amount each month, or sooner if you use all of your minutes early. You can disable auto top up at any time.
  • The extra usage rate no longer applies because your service will simply auto top up if you use all of your minutes early.
  • Some invoice specific features like invoice extensions are not available on this plan, as invoices are not generated in advance. The COVID-19 pay on time discount promotion is not available on either plan.
  • Please review the Critical Information Summary for the full details.

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