Setting Up A Trial

You’re able to try all of uConnected’s features completely free for up to one month! This includes choosing a new phone number, managing all scheduling, blocking callers, forwarding calls to anyone and much more. Simply select ‘Sign Up’ in the top right and follow the steps, including adding a payment method in case you’d like to keep your service going after your free trial. We’ll be in touch a few weeks into the month to let you know that your trial is coming to an end, at which point you can revise your account and not pay a cent – or just keep the magic going!

What Happens When I Use All My Free Trial’s Minutes?

We keep you updated as your trial progresses both with usage notifications as you consume minutes, but also with a trial ending reminder email as the end approaches.

If you’ve signed up using a debit card then your service will automatically pause as soon as you reach 100% of your trial usage. At that moment you’ll be sent an email and SMS inviting you to log into your Dashboard to recharge your service. The recharge pricing is the same as on our website, check it out right here. If you do not recharge then your service will remain paused for at least two weeks, which gives you the opportunity to log in and recharge when the time is right – without losing your uConnected phone number.

On the other hand, if you signed up using a credit card (instead of a debit card) then your service will keep working after your trial has concluded. Instead you’ll receive an invoice for any extra minutes used in that month beyond the original trial minutes, which were free. There are also email notifications inviting you to move to a higher plan to avoid extra usage costs completely.

What Happens When I Finish My Free Month Without Using All The Minutes?

We’ll remind you via email if you make it to the end of your free trial month without using your included minutes so you can decide if you’d like to continue with your service. If you don’t take any action, we’ll email you an invoice for the month ahead on that same plan which will be automatically billed on its due date. You can then cancel online at any time, or port your number to another provider if you’d ever like to. Easy!

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