The uConnected team is thrilled to announce members on eligible plans can now extend the due dates of monthly invoices by 10 days, all instantly within your Dashboard. This frequently requested feature is available to all members on the Payment page and can be used as regularly as needed. We understand that sometimes money isn’t in the right place at the right time, and having flexibility in due dates is helpful. It’s only possible to extend an invoice up until its due date, and doing so adds an additional 10 days to its due date. Due dates can’t be extended once the invoice is overdue.

This functionality is exclusively available to members on eligible plans, who have invoices issued that are due for payment in the future. Services that utilise the top up functionality are unable to have invoice due dates extended.

To revise an upcoming invoice’s due date:

  1. Log into your Dashboard
  2. Click Plan & Payment within the left menu
  3. Then scroll down to the Invoice History table. Within it, next to upcoming unpaid invoices, you will see a text labelled Extension Available. Simply click it.


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